Logo Designs

Daymix Network Logo


Logo design for Tsavo Media's Daymix Network. Logo is in use on the daymix site as well as the embedable widget.

Tsavvy Ad Network

Logo design for Tsavo Media’s Ad Partner Newtork.

Night Owl Record Show Logo

Logo design for Portland, Oregon based recrord album convention. The logo is currently being used on all promotional materials.

Alma Flores Logo

Logo for Oakland, California based jeweler, Alma Flores. Logo is currently in use online as well as business cards and jewelry display cards.

Break In The Road Logo

Logo for Hurricane Katrina relief compliation CD, "Break In The Road".

TicketWeb logo proposal

Logo proposal for TicketWeb, Ticketmaster’s sister company based out of the Bay Area.

Game On Conference Logo Design

Logo design & branding created for the Ticketmaster confernece “Game On”.

Sleeper Waves Logo Proposal

Logo proposal for Northern California based music outfit Sleeper Waves.

Rather Fancy logo proposal

Logo design for a personal art project/website.

Slump & Grind Logo Design

Logo treatment for the “Slump & Grind 2” CD release.

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